I was employed in public sector web publishing for 14 years. During that time I wrote hundreds, and edited thousands, of documents for both staff of the organisation and the general public. I also carried out site testing with members of the public and contributed to the site redesign which followed.

In 2005, a friend asked me to review their website and suggest improvements: from such a casual start, this business developed.

For some time I couldn’t decide what to call myself. I’m not a website designer (I don’t have the ‘design eye’), but I can analyse code and identify areas where it could be made leaner, more attractive to search engines and easier to update. In 2006 I joined the Society of Editors and started to study editing and publishing: I soon realised that the range of work that editors have traditionally done in the print medium matched the work that I wanted to do in the online medium. So I became a web editor.

My formal qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Internet Studies), Curtin University
  • Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing, University of Southern Queensland
  • Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility Compliance, University of South Australia
  • Accredited Editor (IPEd)
  • Diploma of Family History, University of Tasmania.


I’m passionately committed to Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of the web as a place where people can find information and make connections with one another.

When I’m not working or studying, I read voraciously: particular favourites include Terry Pratchett, Kathy Reichs and Kerry Greenwood. I also enjoy food and wine (among the pleasures of living in Tasmania) and occasionally find time to sew.