I provide copy editing for all types of documents, whether they are to be read on screen or on paper.

Please bear in mind that, while I can recommend changes to improve your content, your words remain your own. It is up to you whether or not you accept all – or any – of my recommendations.

Copy editing

A document which has been effectively copy edited is accurate, clear and consistent.

Copy editing includes the following checks.

Grammar, spelling and punctuation

  • Ensure that text is grammatically correct, and that the writer’s expression is clear.
  • Apply an editorial style sheet (create one if it doesn’t exist).
  • Check other style issues (punctuation, abbreviations etc) against an agreed style guide.
  • Check spelling against an agreed dictionary.

Language and style

I identify and suggest alternatives for content which is:

  • repetitive, contradictory, irrelevant or potentially offensive
  • awkwardly phrased
  • inconsistent in style or tone.


  • Each cross-reference is self-explanatory and leads the reader to the correct place.
  • References to figures, charts or other images are clear and correct.

Thesis editing

I can copy edit your post-graduate thesis to help you polish it for final submission.  The checks I include are those detailed in the Institute of Professional Editors’ Guidelines for editing research theses Link to other site - opens in new tab.

Please make sure that you allow sufficient time both for me to edit your work and for you to review my recommendations and decide whether or not to accept each one.


General copy editing costs $30 per 1,000 words with a minimum fee of $150.

For thesis editing, my fee is $30 per 1,000 words for the body of the thesis, plus $35 per 1,000 words in the footnotes or end notes, reference list and bibliography.