Why hire an editor?

A website is in many ways like a printed book or brochure. Producing it may involve the work of writers, editors, designers and project managers. Where a book requires the services of a printer, a website requires a developer.

When compared with a book, a finished website is relatively easy to change: a sentence or a whole page can be removed in a matter of minutes and there is no storeroom full of copies to be pulped.

But a poorly written and produced website can damage the reputation of your business just as much as a poorly written brochure.

Editors in general can help you:

  • express yourself clearly
  • organise your content
  • check spelling and grammar
  • streamline your publishing processes.

As an editor specialising in websites, I can also:

  • ensure that your content is written for the web
  • create labels to help your audience find what they’re looking for
  • check that your site is accessible to people with disabilities
  • ensure that your site really works.

Can you afford a website which presents you to the world as unprofessional?