Fact checking

As an editor, I am not responsible for the accuracy of statements you make. If you explicitly request fact checking, I will:

  • seek to identify one or more credible references in support of each statement of fact in your content
  • identify those statements which are incorrect or cannot be supported.

Note that fact checking is a time-consuming, and therefore expensive, process. If you are a student, I will not fact-check your essay or thesis.

Content strategy

If you are developing a new website, or undertaking a major rebuild of an existing one, I can develop a content strategy which will allow you to ensure that your content remains:

  • consistent
  • relevant
  • current
  • findable
  • accessible.

Training and mentoring

I can provide customised training and support for individuals or groups. Even experienced writers benefit from learning more about the particular challenges of writing for the web.


Training delivery: $800 per day plus any travel costs.

Preparation and coaching: contact me for a quote.